End-Demand Resources

End-Demand Resources

National Evaluation of Canada’s End-Demand Work Laws produced a number of resources, which are available for download here.

Three Month Wait Period Undermines a Universal Health System

British Columbia’s mandatory three-month wait period for health coverage for newly arrived im/migrants violates human rights and has a disproportionate and debilitating impact on racialized im/migrant women, according to a new study from the IRIS Project, which calls for immediate repeal of this policy.

AESHA 2020 Newsletter

COVID-19 safety protocols, multilingual community outreach, new project on the health and safety of men sex workers and our submission to the United Nations Human Rights Watch Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

Science, Abortion & the Effectiveness of Adolescent Medical Transition

It is sometimes argued that adolescent medical transition is ineffective and unethical because its mental health benefits are unproven. Drawing an analogy to reproductive healthcare, Florence Ashley argues that this misrepresents how we justify definitional medical interventions — that is, interventions that are sought for their own sake as an instrument of self-definition and autonomy over fundamental aspects of personal identity.