Joint submission to the Digital Citizen Initiative on the need for sex workers’ voices in legislation regulating sexual content online

How stigma reinforced through institutional processes contributes to barriers to health care for incarcerated women living with HIV

A SHAWNA policy brief demonstrating the need for more investment in the health of marginalized women who experience incarceration. Heightened experiences of HIV-related stigma within correctional facilities can lead to experiences of isolation and discrimination for women living with HIV. Implementing educational programs and reviewing institutional processes can help break down barriers to health care in prison settings.

AESHA 2021 Newsletter

We are back in office and we are hiring! Outreach to study participants + indoor and outdoor sex workers continues. New research advocating against police surveillance and *two* reports to federal committees promoting evidence-based policies for online pornography. *NEW* book – Sex Work, Health & Human Rights; why “end demand” laws don’t work; and fundraising for International Sex Worker Day. Read on for more AESHA Project news and updates!

For World Sexual Health Day, GetCheckedOnline

In an era of instant and constant connectivity, digital technologies can be used to promote sexual health and sexual rights online. But they can also be a conduit for bullying, shaming and misinformation. That’s why the theme for World Sexual Health Day (WSHD) this year is Turn it On, a message intended to spark awareness of the need for better access to sexual health and stronger protection of sexual rights in the digital sphere. Observed annually on September 4, WSHD is organized by the World Association for Sexual Health and aims to promote sexual health, well-being and rights for all. The Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity (CGSHE) is the official Canadian host for WSHD Canada 2021.  According to the World Association for Sexual Health, “information and communication technologies provide the ideal tool for health promotion to ensure that communication on social…