Community-led Solutions: Advancing Equity and Justice in Perinatal Services

Community-led Solutions: Advancing Equity and Justice in Perinatal Services

Dr. Saraswathi Vedam (she/her) is a CGSHE Faculty Member, Lead Investigator of the Birth Place Lab and Professor of Midwifery at the University of British Columbia. A clinician and a health professional educator for over 30 years, Professor Vedam has coordinated multi-stakeholder community-led research projects in provincial and national settings. Her research projects include the national CIHR-funded Canadian Birth Place Study, which examines attitudes to place of birth among maternity care providers; and Changing Childbirth in BC, a provincial, participatory study of women’s preferences for maternity care. 

CGSHE launches new Research Equity Toolkit Series to create more gender inclusive research

The Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine has released the first in a series of Research Equity Toolkits to help researchers be more inclusive of people who are marginalized and minoritized based on their genders and sexes. including intersex, trans, non-binary, Two-Spirit people and others. The goal of the Gender & Sex in Methods & Measurement Research Equity Toolkit is to empower researchers to ensure more accurate, actionable work, according to project lead Dr. A.J. Lowik.

GSMM Twitter Visuals

Would you like to share our research equity tools? We really appreciate your support! We’ve prepared some Twitter visuals for your use.

Tool #1 Determining & Communicating Eligibility

As part of research, we develop guidelines about who can and who cannot participate in our studies based on shared characteristics called eligibility criteria or inclusionary criteria. This tool is focused on determining and communicating eligibility criteria in ways that are attentive to the lives of people of marginalized and minoritized sexes and genders, which includes but is not limited to intersex, trans, nonbinary and Two-Spirit people.

GSMM Social Media Toolkit

Our Gender & Sex in Methods & Measurement: Research Equity Toolkit addresses the erasure of people of marginalized genders and sexes in research. If you would like to share our research equity tools, feel free to use this handy social media toolkit!

Texting service helps parents overcome barriers to find evidence-based information

SmartParent is Canada’s first text messaging service for new parents launched by Dr. Patricia Janssen, faculty member at the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity and School of Population and Public Health at UBC. SmartParent delivers up to three current, evidence-based educational messages per week. The goal is to guide parents through each week of their baby’s first year of life with information tailored to infant age and stage of development.