Reimagining Pathways of Masculinity: Youth Health Promotion at NexUp

Reimagining Pathways of Masculinity: Youth Health Promotion at NexUp

In this talk, Dr. Lyana Patrick, Frank Cohn and Teka Everstz will talk about NexUp, a youth-led initiative that brings people together to support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness of boys, young men and masculine-identifying two-spirit, trans, queer, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming youth.

Carceral Public Health: at the Intersections of HIV Surveillance, Treatment & Ongoing Criminalization

Dr. Alexander McClelland examines the rise of molecular HIV surveillance in British Columbia, which takes the biomaterial of people living with HIV collected for clinical uses and repurposes it without informed consent for public health surveillance. This practice takes place in the ongoing context where Canada is a leading country for the criminalization of HIV non-disclosure, transmission, and exposure. Dr. McClelland addresses HIV-related criminal legal reforms alongside the potential for increased use of forms of coercive public health practices and surveillance, all enabling a new carceral public health.

On International Day for Women & Girls in Science, we must amplify & support the next generation 

International Day for Women and Girls in Science is a day to celebrate the women trailblazers in science and amplify the next generation. But it’s also a time to reflect on the need for transformative change to address systemic inequities, according to Dr. Kate Shannon, Executive Director of the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity. “Across the globe, there are major gender gaps in representation of women and girls in science, and this is only amplified for Indigenous, Black and other racialized women as well as LGBTQ/2S researchers. The stats are alarming and demonstrate systemic barriers to women entering and staying in academia ranging from public health and medicine to social sciences.”

SHAWNA Newsletter Winter 2022

New community engagement and outreach workers, operations updates, recent publications on women’s experiences of HIV-related stigma, SHAWNA’s Positive Women’s Advisory Board and HIV Criminalization Reform Consultation!

SHAWNA Participant Demographics

A SHAWNA infographic showing the demographics of SHAWNA participants, who are women (cisgender and transgender) living with HIV who reside in or travel to Metro Vancouver to access HIV care services. Demographics include age, sexual orientation, gender identity, experience with stigma etc.