End HIV Stigma

End HIV Stigma

Women living with HIV in the SHAWNA Project experience extremely high levels of HIV stigma. 88% of participants have reported experiencing HIV stigma in their lifetime. Read SHAWNA’s evidence-based recommendations on how to better support women living with HIV e.g. addressing non-consensual disclosure of HIV status by health providers.

NOV. 10 – From Incarceration to Land-Based Learning: Kijibashik, KEEP2 & Akiikaa

Dr. Angela Mashford-Pringle will discuss the current issues facing Indigenous peoples and incarceration. She will speak about two research projects, Kijibashik (Turn It Around) and KEEP2, that are working with previously incarcerated Indigenous moms, men, women and Two-Spirit peoples. She will explore how returning to Indigenous ways of knowing and being are important to healing and reconciliation.

NOV. 16 – Syndemics, social networks & HIV among transgender women in Mexico

Dr. Eileen Pitpitan will share preliminary results from a recent study with trans women in Tijuana, Mexico examining syndemics and social networks. The goal of this pilot study is to understand the roles of social networks, social support and resilience in impacting HIV prevention and care among trans women at risk for or living with HIV in Mexico.