Supports for HIV Medication Consistency

Supports for HIV Medication Consistency

In the SHAWNA project, 51% of women living with HIV report they would benefit from support to ensure their HIV medication consistency. Indigenous and racialized women were found to have higher barriers & less access to supports. Read SHAWNA’s evidence-based recommendations on how to better support women living with HIV.

DEC. 14 – Does Global Health Make Data or Health? Learning from Peruvian Trans Women

Dr. Amaya Perez-Brumer is a Latinx critical global health scholar, Assistant Professor in the Division of Social and Behavioural Health Science at the University of Toronto, and a CIHR Canada Research Chair in Global Health Intervention Justice. She is also a status-only faculty member for the Women & Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto.

Request to stop the use of provincial jails for immigration detention

On October 24th, Manitoba became the fourth Canadian province–following British Columbia, Nova Scotia, and Alberta–to stop detaining migrants and asylum-seekers in provincial jails. CGSHE and 29 other organizations call on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel the federal government’s remaining immigration detention contracts with provincial governments.

Tool #4: Asking About & Measuring Participants’ Genders & Sexes

This tool helps researchers understand whether, when and how to ask participants about their genders & sexes. There is no single, correct way to measure people’s genders and sexes, in part because these terms have multiple meanings. This tool serves as a guide to walk researchers through some common approaches to gender and sex measurement with a focus on intentionality, precision and harm reduction.

AESHA Newsletter Fall 2022

New research on sex workers’ access to income support and harm reduction services. New report supporting full decriminalization of sex work and repeal of Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations to protect racialized im/migrant sex workers’ rights. Staff highlights and career opportunities. Read on for more AESHA Project news and updates!