CGSHE honours International Transgender Day of Visibility

CGSHE honours International Transgender Day of Visibility

For this year’s International Transgender Day of Visibility, we are highlighting our Gender and Sex in Methods and Measures Research Equity Toolkit. Our toolkit aims to address the erasure in research of trans people and others who are marginalized and minoritized on the basis of their genders, sexes and sexualities.

Migration Experiences Shape Access to Healthcare

The IRIS study examined how home, travel, and transit experiences shape immigrant women’s needs, desires, and expectations of health services in British Columbia. Read this infographic to learn more about their findings and recommendations.

Linking housing precarity & violence among sex workers

Based on data collected from over 900 women sex workers (2010-2019), the AESHA project found that there is a link between housing precarity & violence among women sex workers in Vancouver. Learn more about the findings and recommendations in this infographic.

Mar. 28 – CGSHE Trainee Research Symposium

We proudly present the CGSHE Trainee Research Symposium! The symposium will showcase ten-minute presentations by CGSHE trainees from UBC and SFU on intersectional approaches to gender equity and sexual health, followed by a Q&A session moderated by UBC Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. A.J. Lowik.

Supports for WLWH Who Have Experienced Violence

The SHAWNA project found that 96% of their participants, who are women living with HIV, have experienced physical and/or sexual violence. Some factors that increased the likelihood of women experiencing violence include incarceration, non-consensual HIV status disclosure and housing insecurity. Learn more about SHAWNA’s calls to action to better support women living with HIV.

Vancouver Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts (SOGIECE) Dialogue

This dialogue event was co-hosted by the CGSHE in partnership with the BCCDC, CBRC & SFU. CGSHE faculty member Dr. Travis Salway and Drawing Change’s Sam Bradd organized the dialogue. This event gathered key figures to address the impacts of these harmful practices, support survivors of SOGIECE and develop a community-led research agenda.

CGSHE commemorates International Women’s Day

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we wanted to recognize a handful of women who have acted as advocates in the gender and sexual health equity space. Jean Goodwill, Dianna Boileau & Brenda Campbell helped to pave the way in their communities for the women who came after them.