About Us

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

Advance gender equity and sexual health for all among by driving collaborative and cutting-edge research, evidence-based policy and clinical/community practice.

Our Mission

The CGSHE’s mission is to provide leadership in gender equity and sexual health for all in BC, Canada and globally, through rigorous community-engaged research that meets the highest scientific and ethical standards, evidence-based policy development, and fostering the implementation of innovative, patient-centred clinical and community practices through guidelines and education.

Our Values

  • Gender and sexual health equity for all
  • Celebration of diverse expressions of gender and sexuality
  • Openness
  • Inclusivity
  • Collaboration and co-creation
  • Evidence-based
  • Advocacy

At CGSHE, we take a broad view of health and this is reflected in our values.

Health and wellbeing are profoundly connected to social and structural forces, as well as individual and inter-personal factors. We believe that everyone should have access to the support, community and services they need to realize their optimal state of wellness.

We operate from a standpoint that we are always learning about gender and how we express it as individuals, how gender changes over time, and how gender impacts and informs our interactions with each other individually and as a society.

Our research, policy and practice work are grounded in the insights of people with lived experience. Through community-engaged practices, we work closely with communities and by working together we aim to ground our work in their voices and vision.

We believe that decisions in the realms of policy and practice should be made based on the best available evidence. For too long, stigma and discrimination have played a role in how gender and sexual health have been regulated – we are dedicated to pursuing research that adheres to the highest scientific and ethical standards – and we are committed to enacting policy and practice change.

Beginning with a human rights-based perspective, we want to contribute to positive change by opening and shifting paradigms of public and population health and policy to be more open and inclusive, and by engaging with community members at all stages of our work from inception to dissemination.