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Dr. Kathleen Deering (she/her)

CGSHE Faculty Member

Dr. Kathleen Deering (she/her)  is CGSHE Faculty Member and Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.  She obtained a BSc Mathematics (UBC), MSc Epidemiology (University of Manitoba) and PhD Epidemiology (UBC). Her research interests include: social, structural, and policy factors shaping HIV prevention, treatment, and care for women living with and affected by HIV/AIDS; social and structural gender-based violence; stigma and discrimination; evaluation of community-led and structural HIV prevention and treatment programs; and methodological issues in health equity research. Dr. Deering has led and collaborated on many projects focused on addressing gender and sexual health disparities with cis and trans women in Canada and India.

Dr. Deering is co-Principal Investigator on SHAWNA (Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS: Women’s Longitudinal Needs Assessment), a longitudinal community-based open cohort of 325+ cis or trans women living with HIV who live and/or access care in Metro Vancouver, Canada. SHAWNA was established in 2014 and is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR), and aims to identify key social, structural, and policy influences in the lives of women living with HIV/AIDS and the impacts of these factors on women’s experiences within the HIV care continuum and of broader sexual and reproductive health.

Dr. Deering has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts on HIV prevention, gender-based violence, and evaluation of HIV prevention and treatment interventions in Canada and India. She has previously been supported by CIHR New Investigator and Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) Scholar Awards, as well as CIHR and MSFHR Postdoctoral Fellowships and the CIHR Bisby Award (for highest-ranking PhD applicant for a Postdoctoral Fellowship). She provides supervision and mentorship to Postdoctoral Fellows and graduate (MPH, MSc, and PhD) students as well as for electives with medical students and students from other health professions. Dr. Deering’s research is informed by principles of community-based research and meaningful inclusion and engagement of affected communities, including women living with HIV and sex workers. She has worked closely with a number of interdisciplinary teams from clinical settings as well as community members as co-collaborators and co-creators of every stage of research. She is @kath_deering on Twitter.