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Dr. Maria Hubinette (she/her)

CGSHE Faculty Member

Maria Hubinette (she/her) is a community-based family physician with a special interest in youth and women’s health, including survivors of gender-based and sexualized violence. She is Affiliate Faculty at CGSHE, a Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Practice at UBC and a Scholar at the UBC Centre for Health Education Scholarship. Dr. Hubinette is the Family Medicine Undergraduate Program Director at UBC and Assistant Dean, Equity Diversity Inclusion for the UBC Faculty of Medicine.

Maria engages in multiple forms of scholarship,  in the domain of health professions education through lenses of social justice, equity, advocacy and social accountability. Broadly, her program of research (scholarship of discovery) explores how we conceptualize and operationalize social accountability and equity as health professionals. For example, one area of research unpacks how our curriculum including clinical learning reifies certain values, worldviews and abilities. Starting with her masters’ thesis exploring the construct of health advocacy, she has pursued a line of research around understanding health advocacy in health professions: how it is learned, how it is enacted, what motivates advocacy, etc. Another area of research considers the experience and professional identify formation of learners, particularly those that identify with groups that are traditionally under-represented in medicine. Scholarship of application includes assuming leadership roles and working with programs to address policies, processes and procedures that disadvantage certain groups using various forms of knowledge. Finally, scholarship of teaching includes translating these various forms of knowledge and perspectives into health professions education through development of curriculum, education tools and education practice.