Oct. 18 – Becoming Young Parents on the Streets of Vancouver B.C.

May 17 – Queer Worldmaking in Mental Health

Dr. Meera Dhebar will discuss the centering of queer of colour cultural knowledge within the professional practice of mental health systems to move beyond the current models of LGBT competencies and affirming therapy to a practice called “queer worldmaking”.

Gender/Sex/ual Diversity: Towards More Liberatory Theory & Measurement

Many scientific approaches to gender/sex/uality rely on binaries, and are limiting, inaccurate, and a cause of harm, especially to marginalized groups. In this talk, Dr. Sari van Anders discusses new research about gender/sex/uality that is built for and from gender/sex/ual diversity.

Mar. 28 – CGSHE Trainee Research Symposium

We proudly present the CGSHE Trainee Research Symposium! The symposium will showcase ten-minute presentations by CGSHE trainees from UBC and SFU on intersectional approaches to gender equity and sexual health, followed by a Q&A session moderated by UBC Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. A.J. Lowik.

Vancouver Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts (SOGIECE) Dialogue

This dialogue event was co-hosted by the CGSHE in partnership with the BCCDC, CBRC & SFU. CGSHE faculty member Dr. Travis Salway and Drawing Change’s Sam Bradd organized the dialogue. This event gathered key figures to address the impacts of these harmful practices, support survivors of SOGIECE and develop a community-led research agenda.

Interdisciplinary Migration and Refugee Research Workshop

CGSHE and SFU International’s Refugee and Newcomer Program co-hosted this one-day workshop for SFU researchers to work on refugee and migration issues, foster a community and catalyze related work with community partners and stakeholders.