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Spring 2023 Symposium

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Talk Title


12:30 pm Arrival, Snacks & Welcome Dr. A.J. Lowik (they/them)
UBC Postdoctoral Fellow
12:50 pm Investigating the Impact of Violence on
Health & HIV Care
Mika Ohtsuka (she/they)
UBC MPH Student
1:03 pm Barriers to Mental Health Services Access Among Women Living with HIV in Metro Vancouver, BC Parisa Kabir (she/her)
UBC BSc Student
1:15 pm Lunch N
1:35 pm Two(Spirit)-Eyed Seeing for Autistic Wellbeing Milo Ira (they/them)
SFU MSc Student
1:47 pm

The Experiences of Non-Binary Youth in
Organized Team Sport in Canada

Martha Gumprich (they/them)
SFU MSc Student
2:00 pm Exploring Cannabis Use Amongst Transgender,
Non-Binary & Gender Non-Conforming Youth
Christian Barborini (they/them)
UBC MSc Student
2:12 pm Moderated Q&A Session Dr. A.J. Lowik (they/them)
UBC Postdoctoral Fellow

2021 Symposium

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Our inaugural symposium featured lightening style talks by CGSHE-affiliated UBC and SFU trainees on a variety of topics, ranging from impact of the pandemic on sex workers to the experiences of non-binary youth in Canadian sports. Presenters include Martha Gumprich (they/she), Brett Koenig (they/he), Alexander Korzuchowski (he/him), Niki Oveisi (she/her), Jennie Pearson (she/her),  Amrit Tiwana (she/her). The event was moderated by CGSHE trainee and SFU Research Fellow Alice Murage (she/her). WATCH NOW

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Talk Title


12:00 pm  

Moderator welcome & land acknowledgement


Alice Murage (she/her)
SFU Research Fellow
12:05 pm  

Geographic distribution of conversion therapy in Canada


Amrit Tiwana (she/her)
SFU BSc Student
12:15 pm  

The experiences of nurses during COVID-19 in British Columbia, Canada


Niki Oveisi (she/her)
UBC PhD Student
12:25 pm  

Sex workers’ access to Government Relief Funds during COVID-19: results of a community-based cohort in Metro Vancouver


Jennie Pearson (she/her)
UBC PhD Student
12:35 pm  

Investigating the experience of Canadian non-binary individuals in organized sport


Martha Gumprich (they/she)
SFU MSc Student
12:45 pm  

Experiences of women working in long-term care facilities in British Columbia during COVID-19


Alexander Korzuchowski (he/him)
SFU Research Assistant
12:55 pm  

Gender, violence, and sex work: Barriers to reporting violence among men and non-binary sex workers under end-demand criminalization


Brett Koenig (they/he)
UBC MSc Student
1:05 pm  

Moderated Q&A Session


Alice Murage (she/her)
SFU Research Fellow