Dr. Farah M. Shroff (she/her)

CGSHE Faculty Member

Dr. Farah M. Shroff (she/her) is a CGSHE faculty member and works in the Department of Family Practice and the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia. The emphasis of her research is on envisioning and developing health for all. Her main areas of research are holistic health, and community development within a social justice framework. She has been a women’s health researcher and educator for many years, focusing on reproduction, midwifery, HIV, sexuality, mental well-being and so forth. Dr. Shroff is passionate about the health and human rights of women. She founded and leads Maternal and Infant Health Canada (MIHCan), a global public health collaborative dedicated to improving the lives of women and children through education, research and innovation.

In 1993, she was an inaugural faculty member in Canada’s first university program to educate midwives in Ontario, and this program was rated a world leader. Her book, The New Midwifery: Reflections on Renaissance and Regulation, an edited collection, was published in 1997. Since then, Dr. Shroff has written about various aspects of women’s health, HIV and AIDS, health policy, nursing issues, registered massage therapy, international health about innovations/transformations in health care, mental well being, yoga, palliative care, and more. She also has a particular interest in ayurveda, yoga, meditation and other forms of health promotion and disease prevention and was featured on a television spot called “Dr. Shroff Talks about Holistic Health”. She has a longstanding commitment to global health status improvements and has worked in Nigeria, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Thailand and many other countries. Radio Canada currently features Dr. Shroff as their public health expert. She is @drfarahshroff on Twitter.