Dr. Putu Duff

CGSHE Faculty Member

Putu is a Research Scientist with CGSHE. She also holds a Postdoctoral fellowship with the University of British Columbia’s Department of Medicine and the Kirby Institute for Infection and Immunity at the University of New South Wales (Supervisors: Drs. Kate Shannon, Lisa Maher and Deborah Money). Putu has a PhD in Population and Public Health from UBC and an MSc in Global Health from the University of Alberta. Putu’s current research focuses on the sexual and reproductive health and rights of marginalized women in Canada and globally. She was also the co-PI of a community-based study exploring the ethical dimension of Treatment as Prevention among key populations in Indonesia and Argentina. Putu has been awarded Postdoctoral Fellowship funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.