The REAFFIRM Collaborative regularly publishes our research in peer-reviewed journals, policy reports and guest blog posts. We present our findings to academic and public audiences, and give interviews to the media in an effort to share our work with as many people as possible.

Academic Publications

Salway T, Juwono S†, Klassen B, Ferlatte O, Ablona A, Pruden H, Morgan J, Kwag M, Card K, Knight R, Lachowsky NJ. Experiences with sexual orientation and gender identity conversion therapy practices among sexual minority men in Canada, 2019–2020.

Salway T, Gesink D, Ferlatte O, Rich AJ, Rhodes AE, Brennan DJ, Gilbert M. Age, period, and cohort patterns in the epidemiology of suicide attempts among sexual minorities in the United States and Canada: detection of a second peak in middle adulthood. Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol 2021;56(2):283-294.

Goodyear T, Kinitz DJ, Dromer E, Gesink D, Ferlatte O, Knight R, Salway T. “They want you to kill your inner queer but somehow leave the human alive”: Delineating the impacts of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression change efforts. J Sex Res 2021.

Salway T, Butt ZA, Wong S, Abdia Y, Balshaw R, Rich AJ, Ablona A, Wong J, Grennan T, Yu A, Alvarez M, Rossi C, Gilbert M, Krajden M, Janjua NZ. A computable phenotype model for classification of men who have sex with men within a large linked database of laboratory, surveillance, and administrative healthcare records. Front Digit Health 2020.

Salway T, Ferlatte O, Gesink D, Lachowsky NJ. Prevalence of exposure to sexual orientation change efforts and associated sociodemographic characteristics and psychosocial health outcomes among Canadian sexual minority men. Can J Psychiatry 2020;65(7): 502-509.

Black S, Salway T, Dove N, Shoveller J, Gilbert M. From silos to buckets: a qualitative study of how sexual health clinics address their clients’ mental health needs. Can J Public Health 2020; 111(2):220-228.

Salway T, Plöderl M, Liu J, Gustafson P. Effects of multiple forms of information bias on estimated prevalence of suicide attempts by sexual orientation: An application of a Bayesian misclassification correction method to data from a systematic review. Am J Epidemiol 2019;188(1):239-249.

Salway T, Ross LE, Fehr CP, Burley J, Asadi S, Hawkins B, Tarasoff LA. A systematic review and meta-analysis of disparities in the prevalence of suicide ideation and attempt among bisexual populations. Arch Sex Behav 2019;48(1):89-111.

Salway T, Ferlatte O, Shoveller J, Purdie A, Grennan T, Tan DHS, Consolacion T, Rich A, Dove N, Samji H, Scott K, Blackwell E, Mirau D, Holgerson N, Wong J, Gilbert M. The need and desire for mental health and substance use-related services among clients of publicly funded sexually transmitted infection clinics in Vancouver, Canada. J Public Health Manag Pract 2019;25(3):E1-E10.

Blog Posts
News Stories & Interviews
Policy Reports

Salway T, Dromer E, Ferlatte O, Gesink D, Goodyear T, Kinitz DJ, Knight R, Watt S. Canadian research concerning the prevalence, nature, and scope of so-called “conversion therapy.”  Brief submitted to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, concerning Bill C-6, An Act to Amend the Criminal Code (“conversion therapy”). 2020 Dec 4.

Ending conversion therapy in Canada: Survivors, community leaders, researchers, and allies address the current and future states of sexual orientation and gender identity and expression change efforts. 2020 February 18. Vancouver, Canada.