SEPT. 21 – You Matter: Co-creating Health Care Policy with People who are Incarcerated

In Memory of Lulu Gurney

Lulu Gurney was a brilliant researcher, social justice advocate and friend to so many of us at the Centre of Gender & Sexual Health Equity. She generously contributed her expertise and creativity to various roles in community-based research projects focused on social justice, trans health and improving the lives of people living with HIV.

Beyond the Ban: Taking Action Against Conversion Practices After Bill C-4

Our speakers, Florence Ashley and Jules Sherred will discuss shortcomings of the recent Canadian conversion therapy ban, the insidious nature of conversion practices within the public healthcare system, and relationships between institutional forms of oppression and conversion practices.

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World Sexual Health Day 2022 Feature on Sexual Health & Pleasure: Instagram mythbuster on science of sex

Based on a survey of 3000 people, CGSHE faculty Dr. Samantha Dawson created MisconSEXions, a social media campaign that debunks common myths about sex and sexuality. “From these results, we created Instagram content using the latest sexuality science to counter this misinformation, paying particular attention to nuances related to sexual and gender diversity and gaps in knowledge.” The goal of MisconSEXions, like much of Dr. Dawson’s research, is to provide information backed by science to improve people’s knowledge about sex in order to enhance their sexual wellbeing. “Despite its importance, we really know so little about something as basic as sexual pleasure.”

CGSHE World Sexual Health Day with Dr. Samantha Dawson

For World Sexual Health Day, the Centre for Gender & Sexual Health Equity hosted a Lunch & Learn with Dr. Samantha Dawson, CGSHE and UBC Psychology faculty. Dr. Dawson discussed her research on sexual health and pleasure conducted through her Sexual Well-being (SWELL) Lab at UBC.